Leap Year Lesson #184: Use the Point of No Return To Your Advantage

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Goals
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Have you ever reached a point of no return?  I suspect you have, although you might not have thought of it in those terms at the time.  The phrase may be associated with something either positive or negative.

While out jogging and walking tonight, I decided to use the idea of a point of no return to my advantage.  With the temperature in the 90s even in the evening, it is easy to come up with reasons (excuses) not to spend much time out in the heat.  Some are valid, of course.  You need to be smart, stay hydrated, pay attention to any warning signs of exhaustion, etc.  But the fact that it’s hot and uncomfortable is not a valid reason to avoid or shorten the outing.

My goal tonight was to go five miles doing more jogging than walking.  My usual path of going from my house to a nearby park and then some number of loops around the park has the problem of being too easy to abandon after too few loops.  So tonight I decided to run in a different direction away from the house, and to keep going away from the house until I was at a point where turning around and coming back would give me my five miles.  The goal then became not going five miles, but to go to that point of no return where I was guaranteed to get my miles in even if I turned around at that point and headed home.

It worked, and it gave me the added bonus of some different scenery along the way.

I can think of other occasions in business and volunteering where that point of no return has been committing to some project or task, even with reservations.  Being accountable to others to get something done is its own point of no return if you care about your reputation and integrity.

What about you?  Is there something you’d like to pursue and some point of no return you can impose upon yourself to help nudge you to do it?  It might be worth a shot.

Leap year lesson #184 is Use the point of no return to your advantage.

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