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I attended a ballroom dancing class last night with my wife, Linda.  The six-week course began last week when I was out of the country, so this was my first class.  Wednesday evening Linda showed me the basics of what they did the week I missed.  We are there for the fun of it and to go through the experience with some dear friends who are taking the course in preparation for dancing at their son’s wedding this summer.

Linda took ballroom dancing in college.  I took bowling.  There was a reason.

Actually, I have to admit I secretly want to be on Dancing With the Stars, wowing everyone with my moves and winning the coveted mirror ball trophy.  Given who they consider to be “stars” in recent years, I’m still holding out hope that can happen.

Seriously, though, the class was fun and I will thoroughly enjoy being able to do something on the dance floor that didn’t come from the era of John Travolta.  Linda and I enjoyed the time together, shared a lot of laughs, got in a surprisingly good workout, and actually did pretty well.  Practicing and taking the remaining four classes will be fun.

I can’t say that I expected to be in ballroom dancing classes this year, but I am glad that I am.  It’s a fun date night, a time to learn some new skills, a time to step away from the routines of life and out of the comfort zone I usually inhabit – not a bad thing for us to do and experience from time to time.

Leap year lesson #121 is Sometimes you have to dance your way out of your comfort zone.