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scale-150It was one year ago today that I finally reached my target weight goal which I had struggled for a long while to achieve.  Those who have known me since childhood may remember me as an underweight guy who doesn’t have any issue with extra pounds on board.  Growing up, I was the skinniest kid in the class.  My nickname from some best friends in high school and college was “Runt.”  I weighed only 113 pounds the day I got married a week after graduating from college.  Things had changed, though, 30+ years later as I’m sure many from my age group can understand.

In late 2011, I put on nearly 20 pounds in a relatively short time period.  The Thanksgiving to Christmas holiday season was the main stretch of time in which I threw caution and good sense to the wind and reached what was for me a lifetime high weight.

I didn’t like the new, bigger me very much in a few ways.  The extra weight slowed down my running game considerably.  I didn’t care for the noticeable gut.  Who likes having to buy bigger clothes, too?  Not me.