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How much time have you wasted in meetings? As I consider what next practices businesses should follow to move forward in innovation, collaboration, communication and efficiency, it is logical to also consider what doesn’t work. And the first barrier to productive time that comes to mind is attendance at meetings.

Some common issues I see with meetings include:

  • Most simply aren’t necessary compared to the alternative of a few key players taking the time to phone, visit or email each other.
  • There are too many people invited. One recent meeting I attended had 23 invitees. When I saw the list my first response was “Jesus only needed 12 people and look what he accomplished!”
  • The duration is set up for the default hour-long block of time used by the scheduling application. Change the default to something shorter.
  • Too often there is no clear agenda or no accountability for staying on topic.
  • Lack of documentation of what is decided or who owns what actions items resulting from the meeting open the door to confusion and disagreement later.
  • Some people are apparently afraid to speak their mind in the meeting, especially in disagreement with someone higher up the org chart, but then unload afterward privately when their thoughts can no longer be considered in the decision-making process.

I’m sure you can contribute to the list with additional issues you’ve encountered. (more…)