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I forgot what day it was yesterday. The days blend one into the next so seamlessly here at The Abbey of Gethsemani that there really is no point in knowing which day of the week it is (except Sunday when the schedule is slightly different for worship, but the abbey’s bells would warn you of that change). I can’t remember a recent time when I had no external clues to tell me what day it was – no work calendar of scheduled meetings, no regular TV shows to watch that indicated it was either “Dancing With the Stars” night or time for “Survivor,” no rattling of the trash cans to the curb for the weekly Monday pickup – nothing.

It was wonderful not knowing.

Eventually I gave in to the temptation and looked at my watch that indicated it was Wednesday. At least I then knew I hadn’t yet overstayed my welcome!

We all know that time goes quickly when we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves. That happens to most of us with regularity. But when was the last time you actually were so wrapped up in what you were doing that you didn’t have a clue what day it was, nor did it matter?

I think I just had a glimpse of eternity…and it was very good.

Leap year lesson # 89 is You may find yourself when you’re lost in the present.