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social-networksLike many of you, I spend a lot of time on social networks – both work related and personal. Their existence has transformed how countless numbers of people communicate daily around the world. They will only continue to grow in use and significance. But all is not well on social networks, probably because they’re made up of messed-up folks like you and me.

There are some regular frustrations that I would prefer Santa do something about this Christmas, if only for a day. So here is my Christmas wish list for social networks:

  • People will use the networks to connect with friends, colleagues, family and total strangers in positive ways.
  • People will keep their politics to themselves.
  • People will use their two ears and one mouth in that proportion, listening more than they speak.
  • People will seek out opportunities to encourage others who may be experiencing tough times.
  • People will not send me any invitations to play games.
  • People will not post any Bitstrips cartoons.
  • People won’t try to get others to believe as they do on social matters.
  • Facebook will not surprise us with any security or feature changes.
  • No one will send spam messages or deceptive links.
  • People will step away from the online networks long enough to interact face to face with real, live people in the same room.

Online time on social networks is important and much good comes from it, but it can be better than it is. If Santa doesn’t make it happen, then it’s up to us.