Worth Retweeting (week ending 4/30/2011)

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Collaboration, Community Management, Learning, Social Learning, Social Media, Social Media & Learning

Most of what I learn these days I learn via Twitter – not because of what is in the 140 characters themselves but mostly because of the articles and other content found in the links provided. If someone ever says to you “You can’t teach or learn something in 140 characters,” they are dead wrong. Follow the links. Feast on the filling, satisfying substance found there.

Below are 100 tweets I deemed worthy of retweeting from among the thousands perused for the week. I actually retweeted more than 100 for the week, but I’ll limit these blog summaries to 100. To see them all, you’ll need to go to my Twitter stream at http://twitter.com/jeffkross.  Enjoy.

2011-04-30 03:12:37
RT @SBoSM: From the archives: Andy’s Answers: How to build a loyal readership for your blog http://bit.ly/dlEeJj

2011-04-30 03:10:12
RT @davidfcarr: SAS Institute Creates Internal Facebook With Socialcast – The BrainYard – InformationWeek http://bit.ly/lVg0FF

2011-04-30 03:01:11
RT @gigaom: For Millennials, Social Media Is Not All Fun and Games http://dlvr.it/Q7whJ

2011-04-30 02:58:07
RT @socialfresh 43% of Facebook users who “unlike” a brand do so because of too much push marketing – from: http://sofre.sh/DH

2011-04-30 02:56:30
RT @marciamarcia: reminders from 1 of my fav books. 10 Rules of Great Groups http://www.bnet.com/blog/ceo/the-10-rules-of-great-groups/3277

2011-04-30 19:22:40
RT @chrisbrogan: Are you doing it or are you talking about it?

2011-04-30 02:45:08
RT @tmiket: Will Thalheimer on Learning & Forgetting Curves #lrnchat http://bit.ly/lWCYc4

2011-04-30 18:55:42
RT @spikejones: Frito Lay set a Gunniess Record for Facebook Likes in 24 hrs. In other (and as exciting) news, I have to pee.

2011-04-30 02:36:34
RT @laughmom: Dear HR folks writing job descriptions, this >>Minimum of 5-7+ years of expertise in social media marketing. << does not exist.

2011-04-30 02:34:55
RT @benduffy: McKinsey Study: Companies embracing a Social Media Strategy are finding a positive ROI http://bit.ly/ij3tvj #astdl20

2011-04-30 02:32:29
RT @cammybean: “Companies that are NOT adopting SoMe are getting actively taken over by their competitors who ARE doing it.” @dwilkinsnh

2011-04-30 02:30:44
RT @chrisbrogan: Why are traditional marketers so afraid to be unscripted and human?

2011-04-30 02:22:50
RT @Quinnovator: RT @LnDDave: “@benduffy: As a trainer, are you Encyclopedia Britannica or Wikipedia? #astdl20” < love this question

2011-04-30 02:21:48
what role do you play in your social network? http://community-roundtable.com/personas @TheCR

2011-04-30 02:13:23
RT @gigaom: Smartphones Remaking the Way Men Work and Live http://dlvr.it/Q6sHy

2011-04-30 02:05:14
RT @jimstorer: Checking out The Conversation Prism by @briansolis w/ @gminks #astdl20 http://www.theconversationprism.com

2011-04-30 02:00:55
RT @hjarche: Gary Hamel: Three Forces Disrupting Management http://ur1.ca/41qht

2011-04-30 01:57:08
RT @cammybean: My thoughts on what should be the keystone of any SoMe Policy: “Don’t be an $%*!”. #astdl20

2011-04-30 01:51:21
RT @cammybean: Tony Bingham: The concept of learning as an event has changed. Learning is a process. #astdl20

2011-04-30 01:50:46
RT @cammybean: #astdl20 Tony Bingham: CEOs don’t care about kirkpatrick level 1, 2, 3. They want to know about business results.

2011-04-30 01:46:47
RT @JaneBozarth: if other groups were stereotyped the way “generations” are, there’d be lawsuits…#astdl20

2011-04-30 01:46:17
RT @Dave_Ferguson: @gminks I’d be happy if I didn’t hear about millennials for the next thousand years.

2011-04-30 01:38:49
RT @tmiket: Hire for how they learn, not what they know #lrnchat http://bit.ly/kKgR0l

2011-04-29 12:01:03
RT @janehart: This Storify story includes items related to the arguments against blocking SoMe in organisations http://bit.ly/l5xBvn

2011-04-29 04:10:51
RT @annahemsworthNJ: Spread the word “@gminks: You don’t have to work in the learning org to contribute to organizational learning #lrnchat”

2011-04-29 04:09:50
RT @cammybean: RT @LearnNuggets: Q6) Just let it happen, man! Stop pushing it to me. Let me pull it when I want and when I need. #lrnchat

2011-04-29 04:08:36
RT @marciamarcia: Social media is a dream for learners everywhere… & sadly a nightmare for many trainers. #control #lrnchat

2011-04-29 03:52:59
RT @rhappe: Best quote from #socm2011 @ericfoster Judging a community by the $ it generates is like judging a church by the collection plate

2011-04-29 03:45:30
RT @mor_trisha: AMEN. –> Make sure you dedicate time and staff to the community management role. This is not a side project. @cindymeltz

2011-04-29 03:43:51
RT @TheCR: RT @mor_trisha: Don’t start with selecting Facebook vs. Twitter vs. YouTube. Start with the use case. Tools should come last.

2011-04-29 03:33:32
RT @TheCR: RT @primesuspect: This is funny, fascinating, and frightening for community managers all at the same time: http://bit.ly/lWyt #cmgr

2011-04-29 03:22:44
RT @C4LPT: Another must-read! When Learning is the Work: Approaches for supporting learning in the workplace http://bit.ly/iEuvze

2011-04-29 03:14:14
RT @tribaltalk: The Dangers of Doing What Works | @scoopit http://bit.ly/mmE2gF

2011-04-29 03:11:13
RT @C4LPT: @lrnchat Q6) People like to be in CONTROL of their own learning – not MANAGED by someone else or some system #lrnchat

2011-04-29 03:10:56
RT @tmiket: RT @jpapakalos: RT @ebase: It is amazing what you can get away with if you call it a pilot #lrnchat

2011-04-29 02:49:42
RT @Quinnovator: we don’t care about learning, that’s the means; the end game is performance #impactLD

2011-04-29 02:49:36
RT @Quinnovator: we have a long term relationship for development with our folks, not an ‘event’ mentality #impactLD

2011-04-29 02:45:49
RT @C4LPT: CEO’s Repeat After Me: “We are Not Afraid to Tweet” + 21 Success Tips via @B2Community

2011-04-29 02:43:34
RT @cboudreaux: “SharePoint 2010 is not and was never meant to be a social computing platform” http://ow.ly/4INY3 by @joeshepley

2011-04-29 02:39:06
RT @tmiket: RT @plowenthal 25 ways to keep learners awake and intrigued http://t.co/H8BZBvk #yam

2011-04-29 02:37:32
RT @cliveshepherd: Talking about blended learning – part 5 – in conclusion – http://is.gd/Xsh8Kw

2011-04-27 20:21:21
RT @cammybean: My live blogged notes from today’s #bhsocialmedia webinar: http://bit.ly/jYF0rn

2011-04-27 20:17:56
RT @tribaltalk: Steve Hargadon: Web 2.0 Is the Future of Education | @scoopit via @openinnovation3 http://bit.ly/jiA6CR

2011-04-27 20:15:10
RT @tribaltalk: Learning 3.0 Are we up to the challenge? | @scoopit http://bit.ly/lB72at

2011-04-27 20:09:32
RT @C4LPT: Here are some ideas on how to get your senior managers involved in social media from #yammer http://bit.ly/lVu7iM

2011-04-27 20:00:14
RT @tribaltalk: State Department creating employee-only ‘Corridor’ internal social networking site | @scoopit via @cdorobek http://bit.ly/lBOyEW

2011-04-27 19:56:23
A Gamer’s Guide to Real Life: Connectivism & the Relationship Era http://j.mp/mgqYZH via @AddToAny

2011-04-27 19:52:59
Building online communities for business: Building Employee Communities http://j.mp/hhbkTr via @AddToAny

2011-04-27 19:41:57
Social Media Insecurity? Try Our Maturity Model Prescription http://t.co/bMRFiMC via @vdimauro

2011-04-27 15:48:10
RT @cmswire: Study: Social Media Most Active When Users Aren’t http://bit.ly/g05SON

2011-04-27 15:45:26
RT @WeejeeLearning: Three Reasons Why Corporate Training Departments Could Become Extinct | Social Learning Blog http://ow.ly/4I9fD

2011-04-27 15:36:02
RT @cmswire: Jacob Morgan (@jacobm), co-founder of Chess Media Group, discusses how employee engagement affects collaboration: http://bit.ly/ifPNE9

2011-04-27 15:25:33
RT @Quinnovator: RT @Intellagirl: CLO “Blind Spot” article calls out HR/L&D on not integrating the way ppl actually learn @ work. http://bit.ly/h1KfR6

2011-04-27 15:20:43
RT @Quinnovator: Latest Learnlet: Org Development and Social Media: http://blog.learnlets.com/?p=2064

2011-04-27 15:16:16
There is no such thing as a training problem – @hjarche – Compliance of an industry http://t.co/Sg1rQDY

2011-04-27 15:14:23
The Data Digest: How Democratization Of Technology Empowers Employees | Forrester Blogs http://bit.ly/hGT6JR

2011-04-27 15:12:22
RT @dpontefract The Standalone LMS is Dead http://bit.ly/c93yKA

2011-04-27 13:21:41
RT @andyjankowski: Great post by @elsua on The Art of Collaborating Effectively in Virtual Teams http://bit.ly/ewmCf1 #collaboration

2011-04-27 13:18:30
Learning & working in the social workplace by @JaneHart @C4LPT http://bit.ly/8yHeGA

2011-04-27 12:54:45
RT @WeejeeLearning: From @hjarche: Social media for privacy officers http://ow.ly/1cmInt

2011-04-27 12:47:55
RT @elearningcoach: IDers should Think Like A Product Designer – http://ow.ly/4HSyF #elearning #instructionaldesign

2011-04-27 12:44:47
RT @zecool: RT @DamnItsTrue: Teacher: “Why are you talking in the middle of my class?” Student: “Why are you teaching in the middle of my conversation?”

2011-04-27 12:44:13
RT @hjarche: the need to become self-directed is essential http://ur1.ca/4121m

2011-04-27 12:41:44
RT @cliveshepherd: Talking about blended learning – part 4 – selecting media – http://is.gd/KEwg1v

2011-04-27 12:40:08
RT @cliveshepherd: Learning for change – Andy Gilbert’s new blog – http://is.gd/SFEMKC

2011-04-27 12:36:32
RT @Quinnovator: RT @ATCSydney: RT @fionaatwork Why banning Facebook is for twits http://bit.ly/eOzfAD @Quinnovator #AFR #ATCSyd

2011-04-27 00:13:21
RT @TheCR: RT @kenburbary: The State of Corporate Social Media 2011 – http://t.co/YQNgWWm via @britopian

2011-04-27 00:03:17
RT @Socialcast: This week’s #E2sday: Failed Tech Predictions (and some that came close) http://t.co/kM2b4MW #e20 #infographic

2011-04-26 05:05:29
RT @OhMeadhbh: 1.00 FTE – Simple Social Media Guidelines http://t.co/Qkbw0M9 via @onefte

2011-04-26 23:47:40
RT @C4LPT: Gambling on diamonds in the rough, by Al Bird http://bit.ly/icSexU (Come and join the Social Learning Community he mentions)

2011-04-26 23:41:28
RT @MirnaBard: How to Write Re-tweetable #Tweets in 5 Minutes or Less http://bit.ly/aUXcyk #Twitter

2011-04-26 23:39:13
RT @WebWorkerDaily: Are You Cut Out for Virtual Work? http://dlvr.it/PnNzc

2011-04-26 23:37:14
RT @MirnaBard: Top 50 #Social Media #Mistakes Made by Small Businesses http://bit.ly/ajXANE #tips #SM

2011-04-26 23:33:50
RT @MirnaBard: 21 #Twitter Conversation #Tips http://bit.ly/6yzmse

2011-04-26 21:02:44
RT @cmswire: Enterprise 2.0: Why All Business Software Must Go Social http://t.co/9vYDPxy via @forbes @socialbrick

2011-04-26 20:53:24
RT @TheCR: Great read making decisions with metrics RT @jessicamalnik: When Metrics Lie http://bit.ly/e4hvdN //–> A good read by @SteveMcKee #cmgrchat

2011-04-26 20:50:07
RT @TheCR: #socbiz RT @bduperrin: 25,000 IBMers on Twitter and counting : http://t.co/IG8o6fe > your company exists through your employees

2011-04-26 20:48:30
RT @cmswire: Eric Darbe (@ericdarbe), director marketing at Ektron: Three Keys to Make Your Intranet a Collaborative Success in 2… http://bit.ly/h0OCcu

2011-04-26 20:39:08
RT @RichMillington: The missing element from internal online communities: http://bit.ly/h9G8iT #cmgr #cmgrchat

2011-04-26 20:37:46
RT @JaneBozarth: RT @eddm As I finally cross the 10,000 word milestone, the cold realisation sets in. I could have just drawn ten pictures.

2011-04-26 20:34:23
RT @cliveshepherd: Talking about blended learning – part 3 – selecting methods – http://is.gd/BFFejS

2011-04-25 21:54:48
RT @cmswire: The ROI of Employees http://bit.ly/ieVjQ2 /via @socialmedia2day

2011-04-25 21:52:14
RT @eLearningGuild: History in 140 Characters: Asking Educators to Use Twitter – http://bit.ly/eZKvPL #SoMe #k12 #highered

2011-04-25 21:47:53
RT @jimstorer: RT @TheCR: New post: The Fallacy of the Organic Community – http://bit.ly/i5dIp5 It doesn’t just happen. #cmgr

2011-04-25 21:41:47
RT @S_dF: The future of mobile computing is “you can’t avoid it & the majority of activities may become mobile” #EDUSprint

2011-04-25 21:40:13
RT @eLearningGuild: So You Want to Use Your iPhone for Work? Uh-oh. – WSJ.com http://on.wsj.com/gmSrxe #mlearncon #mobile #security #epss #enterprise

2011-04-25 16:17:27
RT @kenburbary: It’s not going from a search era to a social era. It’s going from a document-driven web to a people-driven web http://bit.ly/flWbbo

2011-04-25 16:04:53
RT @gsiemens: Multitaskers better at spotting invisible gorilla: http://bit.ly/gsz3an (that’s ’cause they don’t pay attention to the task at hand)

2011-04-25 15:59:47
RT @Quinnovator: Latest Learnlet: A new literacy? There’s an app for that http://blog.learnlets.com/?p=2059

2011-04-25 15:50:29
RT @marciamarcia: RT @g9ine: #SocialMedia has arrived. You have 2choices for involvement—get in the way or get on board. @NewSocialLearn

2011-04-25 15:49:43
RT @PamMktgNut: Twitter more robust than it may seem – http://bit.ly/i0ekUq #cnn

2011-04-25 15:43:07
RT @WeejeeLearning: Need to Justify Social Media? Use Real Numbers About Real Money http://ow.ly/1ckuzA

2011-04-24 11:24:09
RT @C4LPT: Tangled in an endless web of distractions http://bo.st/fuSQGw Who needs to change – the students or the professors?

2011-04-24 11:08:31
RT @tribaltalk: RT @innovate Extending the Innovation Funnel http://bit.ly/h9KKJy

2011-04-24 00:34:22
RT @MirnaBard: 6 Essential Mindset Shifts for #Social Media #Success http://bit.ly/aBLNSF #SM

2011-04-24 00:29:20
RT @Quinnovator: The rising wave of Learning Analytics by @edwsonoma http://bit.ly/dTWUlk

2011-04-24 00:24:21
RT @C4LPT: The missing link in social software: Measurable business performance improvements http://bit.ly/dYYxiL

2011-04-24 00:16:45
RT @C4LPT: RT @timbuckteeth The LMS was for baby-boomers. They respected authority. They liked solid, dependable organisation. Not so much with Gen-Y.

2011-04-24 00:13:20
RT @tribaltalk: 8 Ways to Improve Your Live Event With Social Media http://t.co/N7PRva6 via @mashsocialmedia @mashable

2011-04-24 00:07:37
RT @TheCR: Key understand for #cmgr in complex contexts RT @elsua: ♺ @nancymdixon Conversations That Share Tacit Knowledge http://bit.ly/fYCEva

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