Worth Retweeting (week ending 5/7/2011)

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Collaboration, Community Management, Learning, Professionalism, Social Learning, Social Media, Social Media & Learning

Twitter logoI continue to be amazed at how much I learn each and every week from following key people related to the subjects of social learning, collaboration and community management. By taking the time to read the articles linked in their many posts, I am getting a better and more relevant education now on these subjects than by any other means past or present. Below are my 71 tweets I retweeted for the week ending 5/7/2011 plus one or two of my own. Enjoy!

2011-05-07 23:53:35
daily list of articles from links by people followed by @JaneHart of @C4LPT at http://paper.li/c4lpt

2011-05-07 23:40:37
RT @C4LPT: RT @socialmedia2day: Life Without Twitter – An Infographic | Social Media Today http://bit.ly/k8Srhh

2011-05-07 23:38:37
RT @C4LPT: Twitter in the classroom – the sequel, from The New York Times http://nyti.ms/mDYxVh

2011-05-07 23:33:15
RT @AnnTran_: Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. — John Kennedy #quote || RT @CharityIdeas

2011-05-07 23:19:22
RT @gsiemens: My daughter hates sociology: “they make us memorize stuff, instead of getting it”

2011-05-07 21:25:51
RT @ASTD: NEWS Steps for Learning Professionals to use to move from Training to Performance mindset http://bit.ly/jRxJ58

2011-05-07 20:56:49
RT @C4LPT: Serendipitous learning: Recognizing and fostering the potential of microblogging http://scr.bi/kTseZc

2011-05-07 19:45:53
What Is The ROI Of A Conversation? http://bit.ly/k4xsQJ @rbhargava

2011-05-07 19:34:07
RT @cliveshepherd: A contextual model for learning – http://is.gd/vbpTyd

2011-05-07 19:21:00
RT @tdebaillon: The Hidden Power of Renegade Knowledge http://bit.ly/ioCTDW

2011-05-07 15:30:49
RT @jimstorer: New podcast up! Conversations w/ Community Managers: @BCarroll7 from Verizon http://bit.ly/lMVEkn with co-host @dough

2011-05-07 13:51:54
RT @DaveCayem: RT @7huck: Social media management is like flirting. Community management is having a long term relationship. [Yes!]

2011-05-07 13:45:41
RT @jmarrapodi “We don’t need to own info…just point to it.” Trng/lrning profession has almost genetic urge to BE THE CHANNEL. #lrnchat

2011-05-07 13:36:40
RT @dpontefract: Openly sharing user skills, complimented by tagging, folksonomy & hashtags is … the ‘new black’ of curation

2011-05-07 13:02:45
RT @marciamarcia: Successful orgs are engaged, transparent & nimble, embracing networks of ppl to create biz value #getsocial11 @spoulley

2011-05-07 13:02:27
RT @TheCR: excellent thoughts for any community #cmgr RT @ithorpe: Demonstrating value in communities of practice http://wp.me/p110pY-cA

2011-05-07 00:36:40
RT @blaisegv: The truth about community management & working 24/7 http://7huck.posterous.com/51873853 #cmgr

2011-05-07 00:09:06
“Why does information flow in networks” by @gsiemens: http://bit.ly/jfWFmc

2011-05-06 04:33:09
RT @tmiket: Make the case for social business http://bit.ly/ikfPxm

2011-05-06 04:30:58
RT @JaneBozarth: “@burakecemis: “@elenired: 100 Ways 2 Use Facebook in Your Class http://t.co/xffIrum via http://t.co/ZZ62dE6””

2011-05-06 04:29:57
RT @DennisSchleiche social media is not about monitoring & responding but about changing your org to live in a transparent business ecology

2011-05-06 04:28:47
RT @WeejeeLearning: App Fusion: Inside eLearnchat – Live Streaming Community Collaboration by Terrence Wing http://ow.ly/1cuTEt

2011-05-06 04:27:02
RT @WeejeeLearning: Why Companies Should Spend More on Social Learning http://ow.ly/1cuVJJ

2011-05-06 04:22:56
RT @BillIves: RT @DavidGurteen: ‘Activity Streams’ Will Be the Glue of Your Online Life http://bit.ly/ldfN4b

2011-05-06 23:58:02
Visualizing the power of a single tweet – visual analysis of the bin Laden death tweets spawned by Keith Urbahn http://bit.ly/lyJKqY

2011-05-06 19:51:49
RT @vdimauro: New blog post: A Day In The Life Of A B2B Online Community Manager http://t.co/FOaAUpy via @vdimauro

2011-05-05 19:47:03
RT @cmswire: Boiko: Today Information Management is in the Conversation Age #jboye11 http://bit.ly/kfTO61

2011-05-05 05:16:43
RT @TheCR: RT @brantypical: 1 WOM (word of mouth) review = to 200 traditional ads. @Delta #Blogwell

2011-05-05 05:08:34
RT @marciamarcia: Great equation! the power of network+something to share+platforms to share it on=social media

2011-05-05 05:05:04
RT @cammybean: Check out this SlideShare presentation : Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) (May 2011) http://slidesha.re/kcgfnx

2011-05-05 04:56:33
RT @TheCR: RT @oneforty: How to: Save Time and Build Community With Content Curation http://bit.ly/jAaBe6

2011-05-05 03:35:27
RT @Dave_Ferguson: @moehlert Amount of text on a slide is more an inverse measure of how well presenter understands audiences.

2011-05-05 03:34:19
RT @moehlert: Is how much text someone puts on a slide a reliable measure of how old they are?

2011-05-05 03:33:31
RT @Quinnovator: RT @simbeckhampson: Internal communication and social media : move the filter ! http://bit.ly/mzQvO5

2011-05-05 03:10:35
RT @moehlert: @Interactyx: Has your organization banned YouTube? It could be impairing your learning potential. http://j.mp/kw2NzL http://j.mp/lcqrWx

2011-05-05 02:57:59
RT @RichMillington: How to convert your newcomers into regular members of your online community: http://bit.ly/iiYngE #cmgr #cmgrchat

2011-05-05 02:57:33
RT @tribaltalk: College Professors: The Social Media Connection [infographic] http://j.mp/j2Kqd0 via @AddToAny

2011-05-05 01:12:57
RT @Socialcast: This week’s #E2sday: The Evolution of the Knowledge Worker http://t.co/Fux8tua #e20 #infograohic

2011-05-05 01:11:18
RT @Quinnovator: RT @LnDDave: NEW POST: What’s ‘New’ About Social Media and Social Learning? http://bit.ly/iFj5M4

2011-05-05 01:00:44
RT @marciamarcia: Brilliant! RT @benbrooksny: I’ve flipped it – now homework is done in the classroom and the lecture at home. Salman Khan

2011-05-05 01:00:06
RT @oldaily: Guidelines for Leveraging Collective Knowledge and Insight: Nancy Dixon, Conversation Matters, May 3, 2011. … http://bit.ly/l2hTB5

2011-05-05 00:57:20
RT @tribaltalk: Employer Restrictions on Social Media Use May Be Subject to Lawsuits http://t.co/Q09zfTF via @sfgate

2011-05-05 00:43:28
RT @Ludivina965: The ‘Wikified’ Future of Employee Training http://dlvr.it/QVjvF [viamindflash]

2011-05-05 00:40:06
RT @TheCR: 10 Commandments of Community Management (presentation) from @getsatisfaction – http://slidesha.re/ix5rO6 #cmgr

2011-05-05 00:20:26
RT @C4LPT: 6 ways technology can help tuned-out students tune in – Huffpost Education http://huff.to/j4BmF0

2011-05-05 00:11:49
RT @WeejeeLearning: Analyzing the Bottom-Line Impact of Social Media in Training http://ow.ly/1cszUp

2011-05-04 23:52:44
RT @C4LPT: Nuts and bolts: from classroom to online, think “transform” not “transfer” by @janebozarth http://bit.ly/mK1a5U

2011-05-04 23:50:44
RT @C4LPT: Training professionals: learn to say no to ‘no’ http://bit.ly/mrGHL8

2011-05-04 20:42:59
RT @bettinavision: “Its easy to spend money, its hard to get results.” Craig Barrett #GC2011

2011-05-04 20:22:39
Moving beyond self-directed learning: Network-directed learning « Connectivism http://t.co/fQN390r

2011-05-04 20:21:10
Obama death reaffirms effectiveness of chaotic networks http://t.co/C5VZmOF

2011-05-03 01:05:13
RT @JaneBozarth: RT @timbuckteeth :There are no digital natives. There is no net generation. We are all in this together. That is all.

2011-05-03 01:04:14
RT @cmswire: Driving Usage and Adoption for Today’s Social Intranet http://bit.ly/kY8Lsc

2011-05-03 00:55:22
RT @RichMillington: Communities need to offer a big functional benefit to persuade members to join #cmgr

2011-05-03 00:54:57
RT @RichMillington: In search of lots of minor community events. What we need to build strong communities: http://bit.ly/mHbIFw

2011-05-03 00:49:00
RT @TheCR: RT @rawn: RT @thebyard: What Makes A Successful Community Manager? http://twb.io/iDSvGe #cmgr

2011-05-03 01:18:31
RT @rhappe: Love this post by @AdamCohen: The Unsung Heroes of Social Media – http://bit.ly/j24ImX It’s interesting but also really hard.

2011-05-03 01:08:53
RT @meetingboy Kristi at PlanYourMeetings.com has outdone herself: used all 29 of my hated buzzwords in post http://ow.ly/1cqaBn

2011-05-02 13:45:02
RT @tweetbackup: Twitter: Just Had Its CNN Moment http://ar.gy/J8K

2011-05-02 13:41:39
RT @Ludivina965: The natives are revolting http://dlvr.it/QMSmp [viastevewheeler] << I like residents vs. visitors more than the native term

2011-05-02 11:47:42
RT @C4LPT: Do you want to fix workplace learning? Fix the workplace.! from @hjarche http://bit.ly/iumivz

2011-05-02 11:45:44
RT @C4LPT: C4LPT blog post: April 2011 in Review http://bit.ly/krHgK3

2011-05-02 05:14:39
RT @gigaom: The Stages of News in a Twitter and Facebook Era http://dlvr.it/QKmQR

2011-05-02 04:14:57
RT @gsiemens: New post: beyond self-directed learning to network-directed learning: http://bit.ly/iiXlWN

2011-05-02 04:11:02
RT @moehlert: RT @cyrusbryan: There are decades where nothing happens. And there are weeks where decades happen.

2011-05-01 21:45:46
RT @C4LPT: Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011 http://bit.ly/hrUts4 Contribute to this list here http://bit.ly/emhjvE

2011-05-01 21:42:45
RT @hjarche: gibbons & sloths http://ur1.ca/4276f Is your org sloth-like?

2011-05-01 21:33:23
read a blog yesterday where the writer described himself as a “thought leader.” Don’t do that. Makes you look pompous. Let others decide.

2011-05-01 11:37:33
RT @janehart: It’s all about working smarter http://bit.ly/mGKUCB by @jaycross

2011-05-01 11:33:37
RT @tribaltalk: Social Media Is no fad Infographic @SocialWayne http://socialwayne.com/2011/04/29/proof-that-social-media-fad-infographic

2011-05-01 03:10:44
RT @tmiket: Yes! Yes! Yes! > Real time vs. slow time – and a defense of sane work hours (via @jasonfried) http://t.co/DBo0IIw

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