Time to Widen the Circle

Posted: October 30, 2011 in Uncategorized
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widening circlesWhen I began this blog in April 2011 I expected to devote the space nearly exclusively to the subject of social learning. It is a topic of enormous interest to me. I am a strong advocate of it where I work. I spend way too much time pursuing the matter on my own time outside of work. In my role as community manager for our large, internal online community, I have the opportunity to promote the use of our social platform as a primary way people can share, collaborate and learn in the flow of their daily work. I could not ask for a better laboratory for social learning.

But as I ponder subjects for this blog, it is apparent that I also need to reflect on and write about other topics that may or may not always have a connection to social learning. Specifically, I want to write about community management, social media, collaboration and business practices that support or inhibit progress in the enterprise. The overall subject is still primarily social, but the details going forward will not always be about social learning.

It’s time to widen the circle. Stay with me for the journey.

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