Leap Year Lesson #4: Have a Framework. My 3 Words.

Posted: January 4, 2012 in Organization

Jeff on Sentinel DomeI recently read about some people I follow on Twitter who annually choose three words to provide the framework for how they go about their days in the year ahead. I found the idea intriguing. A conceptual framework isn’t a goal or a detailed plan. It’s more like a mental structure by which you bring order and organization to a matter.

So I’ve chosen the three words that will serve as my daily framework for 2012. They are  Ground, Stretch and Reflect.

By Ground I mean to ground myself daily in what is most fundamental and important to me. It helps if you start the day with this rather than just hoping you’ll remember it along the path of a busy day. For me, my grounding is based in my Christian faith and the daily nurture I need is found in spending time reading, studying and reflecting on God’s Word. So I set my alarm for an hour earlier than I would if I was just getting up and going to work and I spend that time getting grounded in something that will be a sure footing regardless of what the day holds.

The Stretch word means that I need to challenge myself throughout the day to go beyond some minimally acceptable quantity or quality in my work or non-work efforts. I need to stretch myself. That’s possible and even invigorating when I approach my tasks for the day with passion and a plan.

And then I need to make sure I take time to Reflect on it all at the end of the day. This year, that means that I capture a written lesson learned each day on this blog. But it would be enough just to ponder and think back and consider what I might have done differently. It helps me learn more and remember more of the lessons if I write them down.

So there is my daily framework, my plan for bringing order to each day. Ground. Stretch. Reflect.

What are your three words?

  1. Tom White says:

    Thank you again for this blog Jeff, Im allready useing your sugestions and tomorrow Ill try incorporate theese words in my day.

  2. […] is no, I write at least 95% of them at the end of each day. This is due in part to the “My Three Words” topic I posted about earlier where my three words for how I structure each day are […]

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