Leap Year Lesson #6: Be There

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Focus
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Earlier today my colleague, John, posted the following as a Facebook status update: “One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is I will not have a conversation with you if, at the same time, you are reading your text messages and texting people. It is rude. I will politely say, ‘I’ll wait till you are done’ and attempt to make you feel as uncomfortable and awkward as possible. I don’t care who you are. You are not that important that the world will end if you are not on-line 24/7.”

I know how he feels. If you’re in the middle of a conversation with someone and there are constant interruptions from texts, emails, calls, etc., then the message that is sent to the real, live human being standing in front of the distracted person is that every other possible person in the world is more important than you. Anyone can at anytime cut to the front of the line electronically. That’s wrong. We can do better.

Focusing on those we are with, being present in the moment for the good of conversation, listening, understanding and relationships is a simple human kindness that is being lost in a world of too many distractions. The book Fish by Lundin, Paul and Christensen would simply say “Be there” in mind and body… focused.

I speak as one guilty of succumbing to the lures of technology when I should put them aside and concentrate on the family member, friend or coworker in front of me. Much of my life at work and play revolves around technology and I admit it is fun to be immersed in it. But people are more important than gadgets and we would do well to remember that.

Leap year lesson #6 is Be There.

  1. Tom White says:

    Jeff this is so true, I find myself in this very same situation each and every day ,especially at my job. I try to have conversations with co workers, managers customers,salespeople only to see them gazing at other things that are going on around us and not to mention taking calls while in the middle of some times very important conversation. I feel at times that Im talking to the wall or myself,I would probably be better off.If I were to do this to them then they would be upset. Also while I am on discusion about your lessons the one about learning to say no is also knocking on my door . this is one of my biggest down falls. If I feel like I can help some one then the word no dont exist.Your toppics are right on track, I allmost feel as I could help you wright these lessons. Your brother in Christ Tom White

  2. Jeff Ross says:

    I took a very loooooong nap Saturday night, so I just finished writing it in the wee hours.

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