Leap Year Lesson #9: Reduce the Noise

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Focus
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For many of us, information overload is an everyday reality. Between emails, texts, websites we frequent, phone calls, print media, broadcast media, news sources, etc., we have more information coming at us than we reasonably have time to absorb. Add to these the simple things of wanting to read an occasional book or pursue an educational goal, and the amount of input we heap on ourselves quickly gets out of control.

Some of it is important, but not all of it.

Periodically I have to unsubscribe from email newsletters, follow fewer people on Twitter, unfriend a few folks on Facebook, choose to take some time off from the routine websites I visit, and somehow reduce the quantity of info storming my way. I’ve done that quite a bit in the past few days.

When we allow our consumption of information to go unchecked, we end up devoting too much time nibbling at the edges on insignificant crumbs and we invest too little time feasting on what awaits us at the center of the plate.

If you have regular emails from some business or organization that no longer serve a useful purpose, then unsubscribe. Do the same with other connections in social media or print media. Try to remember every now and then that information sources are probably not useful to us forever. We need to impose an expiration date.

De-clutter the path of information from the world to your brain. Experience the simple freedom of leap year lesson #9: Reduce the noise.

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