Leap Year Lesson #16: Read Important Things Out Loud

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Focus

Do you ever find your mind wandering when you read? Before you know it, you have “read” a paragraph or two and you couldn’t pass the simplest test on what you just read. Other worries of the day or what’s ahead on your schedule somehow take precedence and cause you to lose focus.

One way to overcome that lack of focus is to read out loud. Obviously, you can’t do that in all situations (especially in public), but when you can, give it a whirl. You’ll find that, yes, it does slow you down since you can’t read out loud as fast as you can read silently. But the tradeoff is that when you read out loud you see, speak and hear the words which, when combined, help you focus and improve your understanding of what you read.

That’s why in my daily Bible readings I read them in a place where I am alone (except maybe for the dog) and I read the text out loud. I don’t read the additional study notes that accompany the text out loud because I don’t consider them as important.

So if you have trouble focusing when reading, if you find yourself having to backtrack and re-read things, then consider combining several senses at once to improve your focus. Try leap year lesson #16: Read important things out loud.

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