Leap Year Lesson #21: Use Your Capabilities To Do Good Things

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Priorities

A couple of weeks ago I had the annoying experience most computer users have at one time or another – some combination of those bothersome viruses, malware, trojans, etc. that make life miserable for a while until your PC is cleaned up. It wasn’t too bad, but it was irritating that I had to spend the better part of a weekend trying to get things cleaned up. Of course, I run anti-virus software and take reasonable precautions, but the ingenuity of those determined to to bad things seems to always be one step ahead of those who try to protect themselves from such harm.

When that happens, I shake my head in disbelief at why anyone would take their intelligence, ingenuity, creativity and determination and use it to do mischief, trying to wreak havoc in the lives of others. What a waste of talent! I don’t understand the core values (or lack of them) of those who would devote themselves to such efforts.

I wonder how much more advanced some areas of technology could be if these people were hired by companies to apply their talents in positive ways. Occasionally you hear of technology companies hiring hackers who have been successful doing harm in other arenas. I think that’s a good thing. It gives them an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in positive ways.

Each of us has a number of things we are talented at doing. We have knowledge areas where we excel compared to most other people we know. I’m sure that most of my network of coworkers, friends, family and acquaintances apply those abilities for good. But on the outside chance that anyone reading this is inclined to take that time, energy and ability and do something that only brings pain to others, then please rethink that.

When deciding what you do with what you have, remember leap year lesson #21 – Use you capabilities to do good things.

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