Leap Year Lesson #45: Kisses Are Priceless

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Relationships
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My dog Callie kissing my son Jason

My wife and I were quite surprised tonight when we went to check out at our favorite restaurant – Qdoba. The cashier looked at us and said, “You’ll get one of these entrees free if you kiss each other.” We didn’t realize they had a Valentine’s Day special going for anyone to benefit from a buy one – get one free deal. But we gladly obliged and took our half-price dinner to a table to enjoy. I resisted the urge to ask the cashier what it would take for me to get the other entree free, but I had fun imagining.

As we ate, I watched other surprised customers say “What?” when told of the deal. Of course, all readily kissed whomever they were with, although the young brother-sister pair was not at all thrilled about it.

Technically, the kiss was worth the price of my queso burrito. The reality, though, is that the unexpected pleasure and smile not only of our kiss but of watching others was worth a lot more.

Yesterday, the highlight of my day was another kiss. For the first time, my 11-month-old granddaughter Abby puckered upon command, leaned over and gave me what may be the best little kiss on the lips I’ve ever had. February 13, 2012 will be remembered for that moment.

I did a lot of things yesterday and today. I worked hard. I put in long hours. I mentored a new coworker. I was my dog’s treasured companion. All of those things took a lot of my time and effort. They were enjoyable. But nothing compares to the joy of Abby’s kiss or the serendipitous pleasure of a public display of affection with my wife of nearly 33 years – something we obviously do not do in public very often at age 55 in order not to gross out others.

It isn’t necessarily the things we spend the most time on that are most important. Life’s relationships and the joy they bring are infinitely more valuable.

On this Valentine’s Day 2012, I wish you many future experiences of today’s leap year lesson #45 – Kisses are priceless.

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