Leap Year Lesson #81: We Need Occasional Check-ups

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Evaluation
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I had an annual check-up today with my dermatologist. It’s a ritual following an episode with skin cancer several years ago. Even though there has been no recurrence, it’s important to have that time of checking in with a professional to make sure all is well.

There are so many areas of life where we need to stop and evaluate where we are, and usually we are helped by the wisdom and insights of others. It doesn’t always need to be a professional. Many times a trusted friend is all we need to talk things through – someone who will be honest with us, tell us like it is, ask us questions and let us come to our own conclusions.

Where do you need a check-up?

  • in your relationship with that special someone?
  • in your career path?
  • in some physical concern?
  • in your spiritual life?
  • in dealing with issues that have haunted you for too long?
  • some other area?

So many people suffer unnecessarily by waiting too long to go for a check-up. Some even avoid doing so precisely because they know something is wrong and they just don’t want to hear the news. But the smart thing to do for yourself and those you love is to do it now. You’ll either leave with the peace that comes from confirmation that all is well or with a knowledge of what is wrong and a beginning point for taking corrective action.

Leap year lesson #81 is We need occasional check-ups.

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