Leap Year Lesson #91: Take Time to Make Memories

Posted: April 1, 2012 in Work-Life Balance
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Anyone from Kentucky knows that last night was an epic contest between the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville in an NCAA men’s basketball championship semi-final game. The hype leading up to it was enormous. The emotions before, during and after on both sides are at a peak (or valley) level. I’m glad to say that my Kentucky Wildcats pulled off the victory and now await the championship game tomorrow night.

What was best about the game for me, though, at a personal level is that I went to my parent’s home in Winchester, KY in order to watch the game with them. I wanted to be immersed in UK television coverage and fans – not the mixture of half and half I would find in Louisville where I live. But mostly I wanted to experience it with Mom and Dad, so that meant a 90-mile drive from Louisville to Winchester.

That was the right call to make.

Some memories from the experience:

  • Dad and I standing in front of the TV yelling at the top of our lungs;
  • Dad having to yell three times loudly in a row while walking around the room to “relieve the pressure” he felt in his chest – no time for a heart attack, there’s a game on! Shake it off.
  • Mom being too nervous to even watch all but the last 50 seconds of the second half, so she spent her time going to the barn to talk to the horse, going out in the field to count the cattle and reading things in her mom’s Bible upstairs, poking her head in the living room every 10-15 minutes to check the status.

Some memories are made just in the course of daily life. Some you need to take a little extra time and effort to make sure they occur.

The final game is tomorrow night. I’ll be driving back to Winchester again to make some more memories.

Leap year lesson #91 is Take time to make memories.

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