Leap Year Lesson #93: It’s Easy to Get Behind, But You Can Recover

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Time Management

It’s easy to get behind. A little unexpected event here… another there… wanting to spend some extra time with family… feeling the need to rest a bit… taking on something else unexpectedly… and suddenly you look up and you’re three days behind writing blog posts.

Oops. Guilty as charged. Why does that happen?

Do you get behind because you have too much on your plate? Have you taken on more than a mere mortal should, allowing yourself no room for error? Did your priorities change, leaving you in a quandary about doing what you previously wanted to do versus what you now want to do? Did you stop caring? Have unexpected events come at you and forced attention away through no fault of your own?

There can be a variety of reasons for getting behind. Some may be your fault – some may not be.

So the question becomes “What will you do about it?” Assuming that you want to catch up with where you should be, the only thing to do is to start back at it one step at a time. Put in more effort today than you did yesterday. Shake off the dissatisfaction with yourself for not doing what you wish you had done (whether the delay was your fault or not). Get your head back into the present and the future – not in the past where it does us no real good.

There were several things involved with my lack of writing the last three days: choosing to go out of town twice to spend time with my parents, choosing to go to bed a little earlier than normal to get some sleep; spending time with others who are going on a trip to China with me soon. But those were all my choices. You will not read a year’s worth of blog posts from me without hearing me say more than once “We have control over our actions, but we have no control over the consequences of our actions.”

Put behind you the fact that you got behind. Do something today to make up ground.

Leap year lesson #93 is It’s easy to get behind, but you can recover.

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