Leap Year Lesson #103: Companies Need Customer Service Like Granny Provides

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Business Processes
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People tend to talk more about their negative customer service experiences than positive ones. That’s unfortunate. It would be nice if we were quick to praise for great customer service, thereby encouraging that behavior.

Before going to the Red Cross this morning with my youngest son for our regular blood donation, I posted on Facebook the following: “I hope the dear ol’ granny with the foreign accent is there to give us juice and a hug before we leave. She’s a sweetheart.” It is in part because of this dear, sweet, old lady and her kindness that I look forward to going there for a reason beyond that of donating blood.

Here is why…

As soon as we are in position for the donation, she comes over and asks in her timid voice and foreign accent if I would like a drink. She starts listing the drinks available. I choose one. She brings it to me with a straw that she uncovers in front of me. While donating, she returns and asks if I want more. When finished donating and I go sit at the table with the snacks, another drink offer is quick to come. She turns the tray of snacks toward me to make it easier to read the packaging. She brings a sticker to place on my shirt saying “May I decorate you with this so that everyone will be nice to you today?” Then she points out the date I am eligible to return and the reminder sticker I can place on a calendar. She replenishes the snack tray as we take items to keep it overflowing. When we get up to leave, she is there to thank us for coming and to initiate a hug, telling us to have a nice day and to come back again.

Who wouldn’t love Granny?

Companies, some of your customers don’t like you because your customer service sucks, and all it takes is one horrible experience for them to share via conversations and social networks with potentially thousands of others.

Go the extra mile. Treat people better than they expect.

Leap year lesson #103 is Companies need customer service like Granny provides.

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