Leap Year Lesson #113: There Is Always Someone Wiser Than You

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Learning
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I’m writing this post from somewhere over Russia.  It will take a while to process all that I have experienced these past eight days in China.  I’m not sure how this experience will impact my future, my values, my hopes and dreams, my perspective on world affairs, or my faith and the practice of it.  I will figure that out in time.

A takeaway from the last few days for me is that we need to seek out someone older and wiser to sit at the feet of and from whom we can continue to learn.  One of the problems with me being the oldest person I tend to hang out with or work with is that it’s too easy for me to think I’m always that older, wiser person.  But I would be wrong on that.

Over the past eight days I have had the joy and privilege of observing and listening to a most wonderful couple – Ray and Thelma Feeck of Sellersberg, Indiana.  They were the organizers for this trip and are an amazing pair.  Ray recently became interim pastor of the Chinese congregation that meets at our church.  Thelma is his wonderful wife and faithful partner in ministry for their several decades together. It was good for me to be in the background in terms of leadership on this trip and to see how this couple leads.  Their genuine compassion for others, their gentleness, their encouraging nature, their willingness to go wherever they feel God calling them, and their desire to be faithful to Him and His word are truly an inspiration.  It helps me realize how far I have to go in life.

I’ve had some rocky relationships in recent years with some in my family of faith – a situation that ought not to be.  I wonder how much better the past few years might have been if I had people like Ray and Thelma to learn from during the rocky times.

I can’t change years past, but I can learn from them and use those lessons plus the wisdom of others to improve the years yet to come.

Leap Year Lesson #113 is There is always someone wiser than you.

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