Leap Year Lesson #120: Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Expectations
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Our reliance on wireless access to the Internet is pretty much a given for most folks these days.  You can go to about any McDonald’s location or a bazillion other places and connect.  We have grown accustomed to having such access, whether in our own homes, where we work, eat, shop or hang out.   I was reminded of this several times recently:

  • When wireless access was not provided at the first hotel I stayed at in Anqing, China for four nights; it took two days to figure out I could still physically connect using a cable – something so foreign to me now I didn’t even think about the possibility until I saw someone else do it;
  • When wireless access was very conveniently provided in our Beijing hotel the last three nights of our trip;
  • When wireless access was provided at Baptist East Hospital in Louisville during my wife’s brief stay the last two days.

I admit that I was a little irritated when I did not have wireless access at the first hotel, even if it was in China.  It’s something I expect these days, especially in a nice hotel such as the one we stayed at.  To not offer it seems inconsiderate toward the guests in this day and age.  I sighed with relief when I saw how easy the access was at the Beijing hotel.  At a hospital, I wouldn’t necessarily expect wireless, so it was a pleasant and nice convenience when it was readily available in my wife’s room, allowing each of us to sit there with our laptops and get things done while awaiting test results.

The first location failed to meet expectations.  The second met expectations.  The third exceeded expectations.  Which do you think I am most pleased with?  Of course, the one that exceeded expectations.

If you run a business or organization, it is in your best interests to exceed the expectations of your customers.  Doing so will increase the chances of good things being said about you, as well as increase your customer’s loyalty to you.  That’s a win-win both for you and your customers.

Leap year lesson #120 is Exceed your customers’ expectations.

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