Leap Year Lesson #147: It’s Nice To Catch Your Breath

Posted: June 2, 2012 in Work-Life Balance

Most of us live very busy lives – a result of combining things we must do with other things we want to do.  There are occasional periods where the sum of the two seems to be more than we can sustain for a long period.  I’ve had stretches of weeks and months where working 60+ hours for work was unfortunately the norm, so adding much personally to the schedule left little time to catch my breath.

Yesterday in my one-on-one with my manager at work, he asked me how my work load was and it felt good to tell him things are OK in that regard.  It wouldn’t feel normal for me to work fewer than 45-50 hours per week, so as long as I’m not exceeding that, I consider myself in the sweet spot of work-life balance.

It is comforting to come home most nights and know that I can take the time to walk the dog (or chase her around the room or share a bowl of popcorn with her), or I can take an evening a week for ballroom dancing class with my wife (that series of classes just ended – watch out Dancing With the Stars), or I can even spend a little time reading a book from my enormous stack of “If only I had time to read, this is what I would read” books beside my desk.

I’ve done all of those things this week – spent time with my dog, with my wife, and with a good book.  Today I will help around the house some in preparation for a wedding shower happening here tomorrow.  I’ll blog a little.  I may work a couple hours to get some little things out of my inbox.  I’ll make a brief appearance at our neighborhood block party this afternoon.  I’ll get a haircut, catch up on personal emails and take the dog for a long walk.  With any time remaining I’ll do my bi-monthly research on home sales in our neighborhood, duplicate some CDs and get some literature together for church tomorrow.  Nothing earth shattering, but all relaxing.  Life is good.

Leap year lesson #147 is It’s nice to catch your breath.

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