Leap Year Lesson #160: Never Stop Learning

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Learning

photo from bucketlistchallenges.com

Among my to-do list tasks for this week was an item to read several short, business-related book summaries I had tucked aside.  I just completed reading them, sharing the final one with my team from work because of its content and relevance to what we do.  Such summaries from getabstract allow me to quickly preview a book that I might decide to read in full later, or they might turn me away from a book that I could have wasted a lot of time on by reading in full, or I might be content with the summary itself as sufficient learning on the subject.  It’s nice, “snackable” learning that fits with a busy schedule.

I’m also in the process of completing the second of three community manager training class series that are on my professional development plan for the year.  Twice a week I join a call of fellow online community managers and hear presentations by leaders in the field on a variety of topics while discussing the issues on Twitter and Facebook with other participants.  It is very worthwhile continuing education offered through The Community Roundtable.  Similar calls happen apart from the certification courses several times per month as well.

In terms of personal learning, my wife and I recently completed a series of ballroom dancing lessons – a first for us in 33 years of marriage and a lot of fun.  I also recently agreed to start teaching an ongoing new class at my church, well aware that I will most likely learn through my study and prep more than the others in the class.  I’ve been teaching in some context since I was asked to teach a junior high boys Sunday School class when I was in high school.  It’s impossible to teach well without learning yourself.

I can’t imagine a life without learning.  I can’t imagine reaching a point where I think “I’m too old” or “What’s the point?” or “I know enough.”  Even though I abandoned my PhD pursuit a year ago this month, I can’t abandon learning.  I hope you feel the same.

Leap year lesson #160 is Never stop learning.

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