Leap Year Lesson #168: Talk With People

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Communication
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Yesterday’s post was about how I changed my mind on a matter following some uneasiness within others and myself upon announcing a recent decision. I am glad to follow up today with the news that subsequent extended conversation with the major stakeholders tonight was very successful, helpful, informative, and got us out of a difficult spot, ready to move forward with a better plan than was first envisioned.

We still have a couple of minor details to work out, but we have clear buy-in from those who were highly skeptical just a few days ago. In fact, they are now on board with whatever remaining details the leaders decide. That is very encouraging and makes all of us involved significantly more confident that we are headed down a good path. Their minds and ours are now at ease.

The lesson learned is one I’ve written about before – in fact, quite recently – about involving stakeholders in the decision-making process. I guess I didn’t learn it well enough a couple of weeks ago!

A companion lesson is that reasonable people can come up with good solutions to issues if you trust them with the truth, ask for their input, are as transparent as possible, and are willing to apologize for past mistakes when necessary. Tonight was a great example of that and the dynamics of the matter changed dramatically in a positive direction.

What a concept! Talking with people before making decisions that impact them. We’ll file this one under “D” for “Duh!”

Leap year lesson #168 is Talk with people.

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