Leap Year Lesson #193: Know Who You Are Alone

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Relationships
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I dropped my wife, Linda, off at the airport early this morning.  She and a group of others from our church are headed to the Pacific northwest for a mission trip.  They’ll be back a week from today.

Usually, I’m the one taking off on trips.  For many years I traveled out of state about three weeks a month for my work – fly out Sunday, get back at midnight Friday, have less than 48 hours at home, rinse and repeat.  I got very accustomed to being alone in hotel rooms and finding my way around new cities as I traveled to teach various technical classes at computer training centers.

It’s different when I’m the one left alone at home while she is out and about.  It gives me a small, infrequent taste of what I did to her for years.

In situations like this I am reminded of the statement that “who you are when you’re alone is who you really are.”  When I think about the trips I usually take, the word “boring” comes to mind to describe my behavior because I am quite content to do my work, grab a bite to eat and then chill out in my room most evenings.  The exceptions are when I visit more exotic places with much to see where exploring and sightseeing are more in order in the evenings.

Being home alone, though, is different.  I still have my routines and my dog has her routines that require me, but there is an odd feel to it all.

Will I do anything really out of the ordinary while being a bachelor for the week?  Probably not.  No wild escapades planned.

I guess the word “boring” still comes to mind.  Or maybe I know who I am and I am OK with that.

Leap year lesson #193 is Know who you are alone.

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