Leap Year Lesson #197: Confirm – Don’t Speculate About – Your Health

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Health

In order to promote good health among its employees, one of the many things my company does is to give employees free biometric screenings annually in order to identify any risk areas that the employee may need to address.  Today was my annual screening and I’m pleased to say that every test result came back well within the desired range.

What pleased me while the results were coming in and being recorded were the expressions and comments from the man conducting the screening.  An occasional “wow” or “excellent” was encouraging to hear.  Of course, once the results were all in, he went through the list of items one by one with me to tell me what my numbers are and what the desired levels are.  The most surprising comment from him was that I was only about the fifth person he has seen in the past two weeks of doing this many, many times per day who had zero risk factors identified.

I thought of several things that likely contributed to the results – more daily physical activity, dropping thirteen pounds since the beginning of June, and eating better.  I knew I felt better, but it was encouraging to have it confirmed with some tests.

A takeaway from the experience today is the value of finding out for certain what you can only otherwise speculate about.  There is value in feeling better.  There is a different kind of mind-easing value that comes with being tested and knowing the results – good or bad.

Regardless of what medical issue you may be wondering about for yourself, my advice to you is to follow leap year lesson #197 – Confirm – don’t speculate about – your health.

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