Leap Year Lesson #201: We Are Created for Relationship With Others

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Relationships

Later this afternoon my wife will return from a 7-day mission trip to Vancouver, Washington.  Many things have been run-of-the-mill normal while she has been gone.  I’ve gone to work, taken care of the dog, eaten my usual minimal amount of food at home in the evenings, and didn’t really change my routine much.

A few things have been different, though.  Strangely, I went to bed extremely early (for me) a couple of nights.  I had a few tasks she would have normally taken care of related to conversations with our home renovation guys.  Linda loves yard work and I don’t (what a woman!), so watering the lawn, picking up storm debris and later today mowing the yard are up to me.  I’m fine with all that, of course.  It’s a change of pace, gets me a little activity and exercise, and the dog gets to romp around outdoors a little more than usual.

Much of the week was just methodically getting things done.  Beginning yesterday, though, I started anticipating her return.  I’m ready for her to be home.  I want to see her when she sees how much has been done on the upstairs renovation.  I want to hear about her trip – what they did and what going meant to her.  I want to give her a hug.

As an introvert who loves hanging out with my dog in my man cave, I certainly like times alone.  But not for too long.  I’m ready for this stint to end.

Leap year lesson #201 is We are created for relationship with others.

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