Leap Year Lesson #214: Do Your Best Regardless of How Many Will Know

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Professionalism
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My last post was about using your talents and, for me, getting back in the saddle again.  I talked about starting a new class at my church on August 5 after taking a few years off from teaching.

Today the room was prepared.  New supplies were purchased.  Much cleaning was done.  Preparation for the lesson was complete.  Food and drinks were on hand.  The target group had known about the start for more than a month and was reminded last week to be in the new class today.  I was as ready as I could be.

The only problem?  Nobody came.  Nobody, that is, except the good man who has agreed to help me with the class.

Yes, it was disappointing, especially when a couple of people told me afterward that they saw the guys that should have been there hanging around outside the building during the class time.  At least we know where to go look for them next time.

The good news is that we can only go up from here!  Plus my lesson for next week is already prepared.

I knew starting something for this particular target group wouldn’t be easy, and that’s fine.  I don’t have to have easy, but I do have to have participants.

We’ll keep moving forward with the plan.  I still believe we’re doing the right thing.  I may reach out to a few others who are not involved or who are only minimally involved during that time slot elsewhere to join the cause.

The takeaway for me today is to continue to plan, study, prepare and do what I can to make it a good experience for any who choose to come, whether that is one or a hundred.  When it comes to efforts like this, sometimes success can’t be measured by how many participate, but by how faithful you are in making the effort.

Leap year lesson #214 is Do your best regardless of how many will know.

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