Leap Year Lesson #231: Take Pictures With Your Heart

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Priorities
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Most things about today were fairly normal.  I went to work, interacted with a number of people, got a lot of things done, felt good about what was accomplished and came home.  Today was also the day my wife was caring for our granddaughter, so it was a nice bonus to a good day to come home to them and to have some time with Abby.  After dinner, I even enjoyed an unusual, two-hour-long nap.  I still have a couple of things on my todo list to knock off, but even without those things, it’s been a good day.

The highlight of the day by far, though, was taking Abby for a walk in her stroller around 5pm.  It was a beautiful day outside, very comfortable, and she seemed as content as I was just to go walking around for a bit, enjoying the scenery, the sun and the breeze on this gorgeous day.

As I pushed the stroller, it was very clear to me that this was the highlight of my day.  Nothing could top this, and given the opportunity, I could continue it indefinitely.  Other things done today were nice and hopefully helpful to others, but this is what was important.

Work is good.  It’s a hefty part of man’s destiny in this life.  But moments worth remembering don’t happen in cube farms under the fluorescent lights of a business.  They happen in the heart when a tiny hand reaches out to hold your finger for security and when you’re strolling off into the sunset with someone you love.

As you experience each day, understand what is really important and follow leap year lesson #231 – Take pictures with your heart.

  1. Doug Sallee says:

    I love this story. My biggest regret in life is not having kids.

    • Jeff Ross says:

      Well, Doug, you’ve had a huge impact on many, many young people through the years. I suspect you’ve been the closest thing to a father many of them have known. It’s nice to have the name carry on, but it’s more important to have a positive impact.

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