Leap Year Lesson #253: You Can’t Save the World, So Be Wise in Who Or What You Help

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Giving
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I went to the Kentucky Humane Society today to meet a dog named Angel.  She came from Laurel County, KY where her owner and the owner’s daughter were killed in a March tornado.  Angel and her three canine companions were chained to trees during the tornado and survived.  The other dogs have found homes, but Angel has not.  She’s timid and mostly afraid of men and other dogs her size or larger.  They aren’t sure how she would be with small children.  Cumulatively, as a three-year-old, she has a lot of strikes against her when it comes to being adopted.

There wasn’t much of a chance I’d end up taking her home today for several reasons, but I wanted to meet her and show her some kindness anyway.  She’s had a rough year.  While there, I also spent time visiting and talking to the other 60 or so puppies and adult dogs up for adoption.  I can’t tell you how many I would bring home today if I had the time, space and money to do so.

Only someone with unlimited resources would be able to extend help to all who need it, and I’m not just referring to animals.  There are so many human needs in the world from our own neighborhoods to the other side of the globe and everywhere in between.  None of us can help all we would like to assist, so we have to make tough choices, saying “yes” to some and a difficult “no” to others.

That’s one reason why it’s so important to give highest priority to the life of other human beings.  Yes, it’s great to save a whale or a seal or a rain forest or a homeless dog or cat.  How much more important, though, is it to make a substantive difference in and possibly save the life of another human being?  People are the most important living creatures on this earth.  I hope others agree and that our actions, giving and voting reflect that respect for human life – born and unborn.

Leap year lesson #253 is You can’t save the world, so be wise in who or what you help.

  1. Jeff Ross says:

    Update 9/17/2012: I saw on the news tonight where Angel was adopted. Good for her and good for the couple that gave her a new forever home.

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