Leap Year Lesson #280: Truth Is the New Hate Speech

Posted: October 6, 2012 in Communication
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Truth is not determined by popular vote.  Truth just is – regardless of how many (or if any) believe it.  I know some claim that there are no absolute truths – a claim which is, itself, a presumed absolute truth by the proponent.  We know, of course, that what one person believes to be true will often be rejected by others who have their own notion of truth.  Each prefers to believe that he/she is correct.

We can’t all be correct, though, when we believe opposing things.  It is a silly notion that each person can have his/her own truth.  We may each have our own beliefs, but those beliefs may or may not represent actual truth.

Speaking the truth can be very unpopular.  The hearer may cringe, reject it, debate it, even retaliate against your effort to speak it, but that does not make truth any less the truth.

As a Christian, I believe the words of Jesus when he claims in John 14:6 to be “the way, the truth, and the life.”  I believe the Bible contains truth without any mixture of error.  I have no problem believing and proclaiming any and all that it teaches as truth, whether others agree or not.  I understand that others may reject, criticize, condemn or laugh off such a stance as outdated, ignorant, dangerous, or even nowadays “hate speech” depending on the topic at hand.  I would call it truth.

Don’t expect to be loved for speaking truth all the time.  Not all leaders are willing to hear about their inadequacies.  Not all workers are eager to be told where they fall short.  Not all children enjoy learning the truth that there are consequences to misbehavior.

No, you won’t win popularity contests by being truthful.  In fact, Jesus was crucified for it.  He knew that he would be, but he did it anyway because it was the only good and loving thing to do.

So especially to my fellow pilgrims in the faith, to those who know the truth and have been set free by it, do not hesitate to speak it and to live it.  Do not fear leap year lesson #280 – Truth is the new hate speech.

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