Leap Year Lesson #287: There Is Too Little Unconditional Love in the World

Posted: October 13, 2012 in Relationships
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Continuing with my dog-inspired lessons for this weekend, I want to share with you a brief encounter from Saturday night.

While sitting in my recliner with books spread around me, studying and prepping to teach my Bible study class Sunday, my dog Callie decided she wanted to be in the middle of things.  That’s quite normal for her.  She jumped up on the sofa next to me and gradually nudged her way into my lap, leaning against my chest, and making it impossible to continue studying.

I could have gently pushed her away or somehow barricaded the area with my arm to keep her beside me and not on me, but I let her crawl up on me anyway.  I flipped a mental switch from study mode to dog-hug mode and just spent a few minutes petting her, letting her lick me, hugging her and giving her the attention she desired.  It always does as much good for me as it does her, anyway, so why not?  We both enjoyed being in the moment.

She soon laid down and stretched out across my lap, her nose buried in the open Bible beside me.  It wasn’t long (just as I suspected would be the case) before she got up and circled the cushion next to me, eventually plopping down with her face inches away from me.  That’s a nightly routine when she decides to sleep next to me for a while.

I’ve always been an animal lover, especially a dog lover.  We learn much from the interactions with other species – lessons every child and adult should have the opportunity to learn.  One such lesson taught over and over again with my dog is the joy of unconditional love.  Each morning, each return home, each moment spent playing or napping together is another chance to simply enjoy life together.  She carries no grudges.  The wagging tail never lies.

In a world of complicated and sometimes conditional relationships, I am thankful that God uses all of his creatures to teach us life’s lessons and to give us glimpses of what His creation should be like.

Leap year lesson #287 is There is too little unconditional love in the world.

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