Leap Year Lesson #293: Do Things in Order of Their Importance

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Learning, Priorities
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This past weekend was killer.  That’s why I’m now a couple of days behind on these posts.  There was simply more to be done than ought to be planned for a weekend, but not all of it was within my control.

When Sunday rolled around and I had several things still to get done, it was vital to take them in order of importance.  It is easy to get sucked into doing things you enjoy the most and never get around to other tasks that are essential.

That meant I had to first prep for a class I was teaching later Sunday morning.  While some prep had been done prior to Sunday, the rest had to be done from about 2:30 a.m. until 7:00.  It isn’t normal for me to wait until Sunday to do that, but I had few alternatives this week.

Once I was home again after lunch, it was time to tackle priority number two – studying for and completing a final quiz to wrap up a five-week course I recently completed as part of my professional development plan for the year at work.  Fortunately, that didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it might and was complete in about three hours.

Then I needed to attend a quarterly meeting at my church that normally only goes about two hours max.  This one lasted three.  Ouch – wasn’t planning on that.

Finally, I had to do my part in carving/decorating some pumpkins that were due in the office Monday.  That took a few hours as well.  The world would not have ended if I didn’t do that, but I can’t stand not following through on my commitments, and the rest of the team had already done their part.  So my bee-themed pumpkins finally were complete a little after midnight.

There were other things to do along the way, of course, and I took momentary breaks for social media check-ins and other quick diversions.  The only way to get it all done, though, was to approach the list by doing the most important thing first, then moving on to the next until it was all complete.

Leap year lesson #293 is Do things in order of their importance.

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