Leap Year Lesson #297: Sooner Or Later, Justice Happens

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Justice
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Justice is a good thing.  Most are pleased when we see justice served, when criminals get the deserved punishment for their lawbreaking.  Granted, if we are the ones breaking the law, we’re more interested in seeing mercy than justice, but that’s another discussion.

A couple of phrases or terms come to mind that we hear from time to time that deal in some way with justice.  One is “what goes around, comes around.”  Then there is the whole idea of “karma” that some religions subscribe to which relates to the subject but is open to various interpretations and is not intended to be a synonym for “justice.”

It’s easier when the subject is lawbreaking to get agreement on what justice demands.  It can get a little tougher in other contexts, though.

Take, for example, the consequences of a way of life that in time takes its toll on the person to the detriment of physical, emotional, financial, mental or spiritual health.  The end result is justice in the sense that it is the logical consequence of a series of choices that turn out a certain way eventually.

Or take the example of a leader who makes consistently bad decisions over a long period of time to the detriment of the organization he is charged with leading.  There may be nothing criminal about the acts, but the negative impact on others and on the organization are just as real and result in serious consequences, eventually necessitating a change in leadership for the survival of the organization.  The change is a just consequence of many prior actions.

Justice can, of course, be more positive as well.  We enjoy seeing good things happen to good people.  When acts of kindness are rewarded, when hard-working people get promoted, when those normally quiet on the sidelines are recognized as key partners in success, positive justice puts a smile on our face.

I am not naive enough to think that justice always happens in this life, but I do believe that there is a God who is the ultimate judge and who is supremely fair in His judgments.  That is why I believe in leap year lesson #297 – Sooner or later, justice happens.

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