Leap Year Lesson #302: Don’t Put Others at Risk

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Health

We’re getting close to that time of the year when changes in weather, colds and flu take their toll on the health of many people.  Rarely do I get sick, so I easily take notice when the throat starts tickling or there are signs of being less than at full health.  Yeah, I’m in one of those minor periods right now.

For the last few days I’ve had the scratchy throat, cough and headache that nobody loves.  Could I go to work?  Of course.  In fact, I did yesterday and made it OK, but I don’t like sharing my germs with my coworkers.  After a worse night and a worse throat this morning, I decided to work from home today – a wonderful advantage of having a job in social media where I could, frankly, work from home every day and do the job just as well.

A few years ago I remember flying on a plane with a man across the aisle who was obviously sick.  He kept coughing frequently, not always covering his mouth and sometimes even unbelievably raising his head up so as to say “Let’s spread these germs throughout this cabin as much as possible!”  I was not the only one sitting nearby who covered his face with a jacket or shirt or anything available to help block the germs of this moron.

In most office spaces, you have more room than an airplane cabin, but that still doesn’t excuse exposing others to your germs when you know you aren’t healthy.  Same goes for attending church or casual shopping or dining or hanging out with friends or being in any public place when you have the option of not being there.  It is not an admirable quality to push through and go to work or elsewhere when in the process you put others at risk.

At least think of others if not of your own health when you know you’re under the weather this winter.  They will appreciate a healthy environment without you more than whatever else you might contribute when present.

I’m be home again tomorrow.

Leap year lesson #302 is Don’t put others at risk.

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