Leap Year Lesson #307: At Some Point, You’ve Done All You Can

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Behavior

There is much satisfaction that comes from trying your best at something and succeeding.  There is even satisfaction that comes from trying your best at something even though the end result may not be what you want.  In both circumstances, there is a point at which the effort is over, no more work can be done, and you must resign yourself to the results, whatever they are.

That’s where I am as of today in the tremendously tough battle for the presidency of the U.S.  The results for Kentucky are not in doubt, so there is little I have done besides having a yard sign and publicly acknowledging my choice of candidate to whomever might listen or see it on social media.  Several other states, however, are very different.  We’re all hearing about the multiple, conflicting polls daily in key swing states.  You are probably as sick as I am of the pundits on TV and the puppet spokesmen for either side saying the same predictable things day after day.

The truth now is that the voting (in addition to the early voting that has been going on for weeks) opens in less than 36 hours and the campaigning will blissfully have to come to a close.  So now I’m ready to settle in Tuesday night, watch the returns all night if necessary to see how it turns out, and then accept the results whether they are to my liking or not.  If my candidate wins, the next four years won’t likely be as good as I’d like them to be and if the other guy wins, the next four years will hopefully not be as bad as I fear they could be.

This battle is nearly over… thank God.  Now we wait to see what the American people decide about their future, for good or bad.

Leap year lesson #307 is At some point, you’ve done all you can.

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