Leap Year Lesson #320: I’ve Seen Hectic and I’ve Seen Relaxing. Relaxing Is Better.

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Work-Life Balance
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Today is the way a Saturday should be.  Except for not knowing if a repairman would show up this morning to do what was scheduled for yesterday, this has been a day to relax.

Once up, I decided to set a goal to finish a book today that I started and abandoned a number of months ago.  It’s the book Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman.  A couple of coworkers and I decided to read it together earlier this summer and discuss it over lunch.  We met a couple of times but never finished, so today is a good day to do my part and complete it before we get together again.  I’m sure I’ll summarize what I get from the book in at least one more post here.

So the day has been one of reading a chapter, then catching up on emails or social media, reading another chapter, running an errand, reading another chapter, playing with the dog…you get the picture.  With a nice cup of hot chocolate or tea on one side, my dog on the other and my book in hand, I can’t imagine a more perfect day.

Anyone who has read many of these posts this year will know that I tend to put too much into my calendar, sometimes to a very unhealthy degree.  That is frustrating and potentially harmful.  So after about half a day of a very different pace with unusually light expectations for a weekend, I come to leap year lesson #320: I’ve seen hectic and I’ve seen relaxing.  Relaxing is better.

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