Leap Year Lesson #328: Enjoy Today

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Attitude
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Today is our last full day of vacation visiting our son, Brian, in Folly Beach, South Carolina.  It’s been a relaxing few days and except for my wife not feeling well for part of it, all has gone according to plan.  Our dog, Callie (shown here), has enjoyed her first trip to the ocean.

We’re playing this trip by ear in many ways, unlike numerous vacations where nearly every moment is scheduled and filled with activity.  I want to get one book read on the trip and so far I’m only one chapter into it, so that may consume the bulk of my day today.

How do you decide what to do on the final day of vacation?  Do you cram everything in you didn’t do until now or do you just enjoy yourself?  I’m inclined to enjoy.

You’ve probably heard it said “Live every day like it’s your last – one of these days you’ll be right.”  While we might at some level agree with the sentiment, it just isn’t practical to live every day like it’s your last.  There is still the reality of the future we need to prepare for and countless responsibilities, so we have to be a lot more structured normally than such a sentiment allows.  Vacation days are a nice exception, though.  We can live this day like it’s our last vacation day because we know that it is.

Still, I’m getting into that mindset that comes at the end of a vacation when you’re thinking about getting back home and what needs to happen when you get there.  I’ll try to push those thoughts aside, though, and get back to the here and now, enjoying the day like it’s our last.

Leap year lesson #328 is Enjoy today.

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