I’m Tired of Conflict

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Relationships
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image from bookboon.com

image from bookboon.com

I’m tired of so much of daily life and experience revolving around conflict.  It dominates a disproportionate share of the news and far too much of our personal and professional lives and experiences.

I’m tired of watching national newscasts only to see the latest iteration of countries fighting with one another, rogue administrations fighting against their own people, terrorists terrorizing, and political parties blindly towing the party line while casting blame for all the nation’s ills on another party.  I’m tired of so-called leaders who instigate more conflict and division rather than diplomatically lead a nation through troubled times.

I’m tired of local newscasts filled with the murder of the week, groups fighting for or against their pet causes and projects, and people unable to live in the same community and get along with one another.

I’m tired of people unable to have civil conversations about hugely important social matters impacting society.  I’m tired of seeing and hearing people yell their verbal missives at those with whom they disagree instead of attempting to understand the perspectives of others and have reasonable conversations with them.  I’m tired of the marches and protests regardless of whose side is putting on the show.

I’m tired of a worthless news media that selectively “reports” the news and slants the amount and details of coverage to reflect a bias instead of serving the public by thoroughly reporting the news in an unbiased manner.  I’m tired of their behavior contributing to the division that exists among the public.  I’m tired of so many news talk shows with everyone barking at the same time, trying to shout each other down instead of having a worthwhile conversation.

I’m tired of fighting the same old battles at work.  I’m tired of cumbersome processes that take years and an act of God to change because some silo cares more about protecting its little fiefdom than it does about what makes sense for efficiency, effectiveness and the good of the enterprise and its customers.  I’m tired of butting my head into the brick wall of roadblocks thrown up constantly by those who fancy themselves as more important than anyone but themselves believes them to be.  I’m tired of the conflict generated by people with no training or experience in some matters telling others who are trained and experienced how to do their jobs.  I’m tired of the interpersonal conflict that comes with people not following through on commitments, not taking initiative, and not doing their best when there are so many others working their back sides off to do things well.  I’m tired of grown adults acting like children in the workplace, all too eager to spawn conflict among their colleagues about matters completely unrelated to work.

I’m tired of the ongoing schedule conflicts due to far too many commitments, personal and professional.  I’m tired of the competing priorities and the constant need to choose between what is important and what is urgent.  I’m tired of the guilt that comes for what doesn’t get done regardless of what I choose to do.

I’m tired of how constant conflict makes me tired.  Were it not for the sanctuaries of my faith and family, I cannot imagine how pointless it would all seem.

Surely we can do better if we really want to, and if we try.

  1. Zip says:


    • Judy Anders says:

      Do we think it is possible to heal disfunction? The noise of our world, it has become deafening. Maybe some ear phones and pleasant music to bring a smile back to your face or a remembering that the circumstances of our world are expected to worsen until rescue. That thought can also bring a smile to your heart. The trees lived until they died….. and so do we.

  2. Michael Aldridge says:

    I empathize with your “conflict fatigue”. I do take solice in knowing there are many like you though that are committed to collaboration and intersection. It takes a special kind of dedication to fascilitate dialogue to a more constructive outcome when blood starts boiling or frustration has kicked in. Your moderation responsibilities require that more than many other roles.

    Related to that, I’m struck by the opportunity conflict affords: resolution. While conflict and its associated results can be negative, it doesn’t have to be. People like you that channel the conversation back to progress make conflict worth having. Collaboration and conflict don’t have to be antithetical. Conflict can be the means to which we find collaboration at the end and ultimately a better solution.

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