Happy 61st Anniversary to My Parents

Posted: December 24, 2013 in Family
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Mom & Dad's wedding day, Dec. 24, 1952

Mom & Dad’s wedding day, Dec. 24, 1952

I have been blessed in more ways than I can count in my life, but at the top of the list is the love and example shown by my amazing parents, Jack and Virginia Ross. Today they celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary – quite an accomplishment these days.

They never cease to amaze me, from Dad taking care of their 60-acre farm, to Mom cooking up her regular, tasty dishes for others and keeping their big, old pre-Civil War home spotless, to both of them starting their days at the local YMCA spending time on the treadmill, their 79 years of life and 61 as husband and wife keep going strong. They are the picture of kindness and generosity to all, especially to family and friends.

Still courting, Thanksgiving, 2010, Charleston, SC

Still courting, Thanksgiving, 2010, Charleston, SC

Some gifts we receive can never be repaid. Parents like Mom & Dad are that kind of gift. If I were to begin this moment saying “Thank you” and said it every second for the next thousand years, it would not – could not – be enough.

Thank you, Mom & Dad, for your unending love, encouragement and support for me and for all of our family and your many friends.

I love you! Happy anniversary.

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