Looking Around the Corner at 2014

Posted: December 26, 2013 in Goals
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image from onlinesciencemall.com

image from onlinesciencemall.com

With Christmas behind us and the new year just around the corner, it’s time to use our mental periscopes and peek around that corner into 2014. It’s time to finalize the goals that will absorb much of our attention for the next 12 months.

Have you thought about any accomplishments you’d like to achieve for 2014 yet? I’ve been thinking about them more and more as this year draws to a close and as I reflect on the success or failure to reach goals I set for 2013. Not everyone is goal-oriented, but I am. It helps me feel like I’m accomplishing things and not getting by with meeting only minimum expectations – from others or myself.

I look forward to sharing my 2014 goals with you on January 1. They will most likely be grouped as they were this year into categories related to body, mind and spirit. That grouping helped provide a well-rounded focus. Some of the goals themselves, though, should be very different from those I worked toward this year. New and different goals help add excitement and enthusiasm to the challenge of pursuing them.

So what about you? Have you been pondering some goals for 2014? Are you ready to commit to them? What will you do to help hold yourself accountable for them? One thing that has helped me is to make the goals public, sharing them here and on various social networks and then providing periodic progress reports.

The new year is fast approaching. What’s around the corner for you? What do you want to be there? What will you do to help make it happen?

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