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I’m pleased to announce that on November 10,2022 I published Next Step Devotions, a collection of 366 discipleship lessons based on passages from every New Testament chapter. This project was more than two years in the making, and it feels great to finally have it available for purchase on Amazon. As I write this, it continues to be ranked #1 among Amazon’s new releases in the category of New Testament Meditations.

Here are the key features of Next Step Devotions:

  • 366 devotions based on Bible passages from all 260 New Testament chapters;
  • “Next Step” prompts at the end of each devotion to encourage growth through personal reflection, further study, and practical application;
  • Space after each devotion for notes;
  • Suggestions for using the book individually and with groups;
  • Endnotes with citations of helpful additional resources;
  • Scripture Index to easily find devotions that reference specific Bible passages;
  • Subject Summary that captures in a phrase or sentence the main point of each devotion, helping the reader quickly find topics of interest;
  • Read the entire New Testament in a year by reading the related passages;
  • Timeless truths communicated in a fresh, understandable way.

My prayer is that God will use this book to grow individuals in their Christian faith, and that he will lead groups and even entire churches to use it to spur one another in the direction of being more faithful followers of Jesus.

Along with the new book, I have also launched a new website that will replace this one – I will post regularly to the blog on that site. I also moderate a Member Forum there where all site members can post and comment and live chat with one another and with me. Membership is free, of course. You can also subscribe to the site for news and updates related to website additions, new publications, events, and special offers.

Many thanks to those who have followed this blog for years. It was my pleasure to provide nearly 650 blog posts here and to enjoy the comments and support of many for more than a decade. I invite all of you to join the new adventure at And if you want a guided, helpful way to grow as a disciple of Jesus, I hope you’ll read Next Step Devotions. May God bless you on your journey.


Top 10 ListIt’s been a while since I updated the page here listing the top 10 most frequently viewed blog posts, so I made those updates today. You’ll find the current top 10 here. What surprises me is that with absolutely no promotion of any kind since September 2013, the #1 post continues to be about my first week wearing a Fitbit Flex way back then. Others also seem to have a life of their own.

Check out the list (also linked at the top of the blog) and see if you’ve read these 10 posts. A lot of your fellow readers have done so.

Top 10 ListI periodically update the Top 10 Posts list on this blog. It’s interesting to see what clicks with people and what seems to develop a life of its own without any promotional efforts behind it. Here is the list of the 10 most-viewed blog posts out of the 600+ I’ve published over the past 3.5 years in order of the most viewed:

1. My First Week With a Fitbit Flex – This was published a year ago and consistently has received more views monthly than any other for a long while. I was approached about placing advertising on the page because of the hits, but I don’t want ads on my blog, so I turned it down. I still wear the Flex faithfully. Doing so has transformed my daily activity, nutrition and sleep monitoring.

2. Throw a Plate On the Ground – This is a short, simple post about the lasting impact of hurting others.

3. The Worst Mistakes I’ve Made As An Employee – People always like to read about the faults of others. Perhaps some can learn from what I’ve done poorly.

4. What I Appreciate Most in Coworkers – It’s nice to find good in others and call it out. I’ve had some wonderful people to enjoy working with through the years and I appreciate them so much.

5. When Does Busy Become Too Busy? – I hope someday to actually learn this lesson that I keep preaching about.

6. Trust – This is an oldie from 2011. It’s hard to believe it still gets views. Trust is always relevant, though.

7. Lessons From My First Daddy-Doggie Date Day – The relationship I have with my dog, Callie, is different than I’ve ever had with a dog in 57 years of living. Every day is special with her, but this was a day set aside especially for her.

8. Book Review: “I Am a Church member” by Thom Rainer – Thom Rainer was a seminary colleague of mine at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in the 1980s. My wife typed up his PhD dissertation on our original 30-pound IBM “Portable” PC. He is now president and CEO of Lifeway Christian Resources and does amazing work. This is a great little book that serves as a good reminder to church members about what we are (and are not) to be about as church members.

9. Deciding When to Leave Your Job – A few things that guide my thoughts during times of significant work transition.

10. Rethink Routine – This is one of five corporate values espoused by my employer – a very worthy value for corporations and individuals.

Many thanks to all the readers of this blog. I love hearing your comments and encourage you to add them to any and all posts of interest. Thanks for letting me share my personal and professional life with you in this way.

Top 10 ListThis blog turned three years old last month. After 583 posts, it’s interesting (at least to me) to see which posts have had the most views. Here are the top 10 since the blog’s inception in April, 2011. The list is current as of May 2, 2014.

Thanks to all of you for your interest in these and other posts.

1. The Worst Mistakes I’ve Made As An Employee

2. Trust

3. What I Appreciate Most in Coworkers

4. My First Week With a Fitbit Flex

5. When Does Busy Become Too Busy?

6. Deciding When to Leave Your Job

7. What Annoys Me the Most About Coworkers

8. Book Review: “I Am a Church member” by Thom Rainer

9. Throw a Plate On the Ground

10. Rethink Routine

Top 3 site pages (not including blog posts or the Home page):

1. #ESNchat

2. About Jeff Ross

3. This, I Believe

Top 10 ListDuring 2013 I posted a monthly update to the list showing the top ten posts from this blog since its inception in 2011. I don’t intend to post those updates as often in 2014, but it seems reasonable to post an update in light of several changes I’ve noticed in recent weeks.

Below are the top 10 most-viewed posts are out of the 578 published here.

The top 4 spots remain unchanged since my January 13 update:

Dropping out of the top ten were:

Among other blog pages that are not blog posts or the home page, the most viewed are About Jeff Ross#ESNchat and This, I Believe with the #ESNchat page quickly rising given the frequency with which I promote that page in relation to the weekly Twitter chat I host on the subject of enterprise social networks (ESN).

You’ll always find a link to the top 10 all-time posts at the top of the blog. The list is current as of February 23, 2014.

Thanks to each of you for being here! There would be no top 10 posts without you.