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TearOne of the changes I’ve noticed about myself in recent years is that I’m far more sentimental or emotional than I used to be. It doesn’t take a lot to get to me. Thank goodness nobody else but my dog is with me in my “man” cave when I see some sappy commercial or moment on TV that makes me tear up. It might be something in the news or a commercial designed to tug at the heart or some random thought that comes to mind that consumes me. I even cried one evening a few weeks ago about something work related. That may have been a first for me in 40 years of employment.

Is it normal for people to get more emotional as they get older? Do we become more reflective and aware of substantive matters of the heart? Is it some other change within that has nothing to do with age or gender? Am I too stressed and suffering the emotional consequences? I don’t know.

It isn’t that I mind being more sensitive. That can be a good thing. I just wish I understood the change better. Any thoughts on the matter?

I sure hope I don’t have to start calling my “man” cave a “wuss” cave soon.