Topic Schedule

Since Jeff is no longer connected with the ESNchat leadership, the topic schedule is no longer kept on his blog. Follow @ESNchat on Twitter to keep informed about coming chats.


  1. This topic may be too specific for an entire chat, but I would be interested in hearing how internal project teams are using their ESN to engage and collaborate with stakeholders throughout the entire project lifecycle; and not just use it as a broadcast channel for one-way communications.

    • Jeff Ross says:

      That’s an excellent topic, Traci. Thank you! We haven’t had one specific to ESN use in project management. We’ll add it and see what happens!

  2. bricksmith says:

    Traci, I love that idea. I’m emphasizing the use of our platform’s projects feature. I’ll be eager to get feedback once more folks start using it. We just did a case study of one project, and the team saved an estimated $800 per week by using the Projects feature on our network as opposed to using email.

  3. We’d like to know how different organizations tackle the solution of Q&As on their ESNs, I’ve shared the public data I’ve found in the following article, but think that it would be interesting to see how other companies are working on this, what are their goals, methods and results.

  4. You might want to build on some of the upcoming CMAD topics and do a deeper dive into some of those subjects.

  5. Really? “We’re taking a break from the chat until September.”

    • Jeff Ross says:

      Eric, since I am no longer involved with the leadership of ESNchat, the schedule and archives are no longer stored on my blog. I’ll modify the page to note that.

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