Leap Year Lesson #48: You Need Someone At Work To Relate To

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Collaboration
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For most of my 8.5 years at my company, I have not had others on my teams who shared the same responsibilities I had. We may have had the same title (as in the case of my first team for six years), but that’s where the similarity stopped. On my second team, for example, I was the only “Business Consultant” with responsibilities like I had. That was a little lonely at times when people made the false assumption that I was the only one who could or should do certain things, regardless of how much else was on my plate or how little may have been on the plates of others at times.

This week, as a member of my third team in those 8.5 years, we brought on another person in the same role I have been in since December. It was my privilege this week to help mentor her, let her shadow me as I did various things, and help her get acclimated to what we will be doing together. It was such a rare treat for me to have a peer to bounce ideas off of and from whom to solicit ideas. It was great to have another pair of eyes to proof what was about to be posted to our company’s Facebook and Twitter feeds before hitting that button. It was wonderful seeing initiative in someone else and creativity in ways that will complement what I bring to the table.

I’ve not had in many years a coworker to really compare myself to in terms of output, workload and productivity. Now I do. Now I’ll find out as my coworker gets up to speed whether I’ve been doing the work of two people all along or if I can accomplish more by changing some patterns. We’ll help make each other better at what we do.

I’m crazy about everyone on my team. It’s extraordinary. But there’s something bonding between the two of us in the same role helping each other out that automatically relieves some pressure.

Wherever you work, I hope you have someone who is the picture of leap year lesson #48 – You need someone at work to relate to.

  1. Tom White says:

    Jef I can (to a degree) relate as to what you’r saying here. I work at a dealership and I am their used car lead tech, So we dont have a team ,although I wish we did. There is only one person in the whole building that I can communicate with as far as our religeon goes. Out of 125 people there, its only Glen and myself that actually get together and converse about God and what were doing in our churches. We discuss all activities that have occured each day and then together we say a prayer, On monday I pray , tuesday he prays. and we keep alternating. When he comes back to my work area I drop everything to have our daily christian chat.I know this dont compare to your lesson but I wanted to share this with you as I do consider you as my christian brother, as Glen is. We have gave it a try to get other people to join us but when it comes to talking about Jesus Christ they seem not interested, but then you mention something about a 55 chevy or any kind of hot rod they are very much interested. Very sad wouldnt you say?

  2. Jeff Ross says:

    Tom, it’s good that you keep trying to bring up things more eternal in nature. Someday one of them may come back to you when some crisis or event happens that has them questioning, or if God starts on their heart drawing them to Himself. Keep open and keep loving them. I’m glad you have Glen there to talk with.

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