Leap Year Lesson #49: Sometimes Simple is Better

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Simplicity

Our world is complex. Our lives, our relationships, decisions we face, many of our jobs, etc. are brimming with complexity. In the midst of all this complexity, I am drawn to simplicity.

When I look at the electronic gadgets and all the technology that makes up such a huge portion of my time at work and away from work, I appreciate more the simple moments of time on my parents’ farm, walks with my dog, staring at colorful fish in an aquarium or reading a book (paper – not electronic).

When I drive to work in my 11-year-old car, vehicles far more sophisticated than mine pass me by. I admire those who choose the simplicity of riding their bikes to work or those who can work from home or walk to work or who drive older, beat up cars that still get them where they need to go.

After our failed attempt to sell our home last year and to buy a older, Victorian home, I know that I can be quite happy in a small space with very few possessions if it is packaged with peace, quiet, a few necessities and those I love.

When I see others scrambling to climb the corporate ladder, I am thankful that I am content to do that which I love day in and day out with no desire to move up the corporate food chain. I would rather help other younger coworkers reach their goals and move up that chain to achieve their dreams.

When I long for time away from work and home, I don’t dream of exotic, busy places with every moment filled with activity. Rather, I long for a small, quiet room in which I can be alone with my own thoughts.

Many weeks a year I bag up a large bag full of stuff we no longer need and then we give it away. Less is better. Clutter strangles me.

In a world where so many have so little, those of us who have been blessed with much would do well to get by on a little less.

Leap year lesson #49 is Sometimes simple is better.

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