Leap Year Lesson #50: Metamorphosis is Radical and Wonderful

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Change
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Most of us are familiar with the metamorphosis that transforms a caterpillar into a butterfly. The transformation is frequently used as a metaphor for other such transformations, not limited to actual biological changes.

The thought comes to mind because of what my wife and I now experience regarding a kitchen remodel underway. Since Thursday and for a large part of the next three weeks, the contractors have blocked off all access to our dining room and kitchen from that floor of the house. To get to those rooms or to the basement, we have to go in the back door of the house. We are thankful the weather isn’t too bad this winter, because we have to go outside and around the house just to move between rooms we frequent.

This is an obvious inconvenience for the next three weeks as that area of our house goes through the most significant metamorphosis it has experienced in its 70 years. But the inconvenience will be forgotten and replaced with joy when the barriers come down and we start using our new kitchen and dining areas.

Metamorphoses can be just as disruptive but for the better in other areas of daily life. Changing from familiar business processes we are comfortable with to better ones always meets with resistance because many people just don’t like change. Having a willingness to face the risk of uncertainty in relationships in order to get to a deeper level is a frightening thing, but can pay off forever in the end. Being open to constructive criticism from others in order to mature is never pleasant in the moment, but appreciated after the fact.

According to the Wikipedia entry on metamorphosis, it is “usually accompanied by a change of habitat or behavior.” In the case of our kitchen, that is quite literally true – we await the change in habitat. But in more significant, internal matters, the transformation should result in behaviors changed for the better.

What form of metamorphosis do you need internally or in your environment? Are you willing to undergo the challenge of a season in order to wind up at a better place? Leap year lesson #50 is Metamorphosis is radical and wonderful.

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