Leap Year Lesson #58: True Teamwork Is a Joy

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Teams

At age 55 I have been on a lot of teams in various places of work. More often than not I have been fortunate to work with teams that liked each other, cooperated and worked together reasonably well. Occasionally there was a snafu of personality conflicts or bad fits for roles or personal drama that caused problems for the team. But we muddled through those times anyway.

The new team I am on has all the makings of being an incredible one. At no time in recent memory have I felt more supported and lifted up by the help and generosity of a team than I have in the past couple of work days when I desperately needed help to get things done. My plate was simply too full and I was exhausted by the end of last week. My coworkers stepped up and did what they did not have to do both Friday and today to help me make the deadlines in front of me. It was wonderful.

They never hinted at being irritated or put out. They just helped like a friend would, seeing a need, jumping in, doing great work, being kind, and making me very thankful that I am a part of this small, caring, quality team.

Today it just felt right how we worked together – each contributing his/her strengths toward a common goal, enjoying the interaction and laughter along the way, and celebrating the end result.

I know that some may chalk it up to being in a honeymoon stage, but I’ve known two of my three coworkers for a long while and the one newest to me is a gem of a person in every way. I really can’t imagine us doing anything but working together and giving it our all.

When relationships are good, you know it in your gut. I know this is a great team and I am thankful.

Leap Year Lesson #58 is True Teamwork is a Joy.

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