Leap Year #59: Learning Professionals Are a Giving People

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Learning
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This week I am participating in an annual conference at work for hundreds of learning professionals at my company. Having spent my adult career until a couple of years ago in a learning role, I have come to love and admire so many men and women who choose to devote their lives to learning and helping others learn. Almost without fail, I find them to have giving hearts, to be motivated by their desire to help others, to give out of their own pockets when budgets are not their friends, and to demonstrate incredible creativity to benefit those in their charge.

Each of us is indebted to a long line of teachers we had when we were younger and others throughout our adults lives who teach, train, question, make us think, make us angry, give us homework, show us what to do, force us to figure out what to do, nudge us on, point us in the right direction and generally help us move from where we are to a little closer to where we can be.

A life without continuous learning is a life less than what it was meant to be.

My thanks to teachers who loved, nurtured and encouraged me as a kid. My thanks to the countless adults who have had a part in my personal and professional development the last few decades. My world is better because of you. Bless you for doing what you do even though you do not often have the luxury of seeing the eventual consequence of your actions. Bless you for the lifelong impact on a life that then ripples out to affect others you never met or touched directly. Your cumulative impact is immeasurable.

Even though I am not in an official learning role at work, I am at home with this group this week. May each of you be refreshed by this time together and energized to continue your creative, giving ways.

Leap year lesson #59 is Learning professionals are a giving people.

  1. wjryan says:

    Omce a part, always a part of the family!

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