Leap Year Lesson #74: It’s Nice When Good Things Happen To Good People

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Rewards

My dear wife called me tonight crying. I’m in Austin, TX and she is back home in Louisville, KY. Why was she crying? Because of how happy she is with the state of our remodeled kitchen that is in its final stages of work this week.

She said that she just can’t believe it’s actually her kitchen. What makes it especially important to her is that she is a kitchen hostess for our church. She cooks for her job (and does so very, very well). We have lived in our house for almost 24 years now and the kitchen needed a radical makeover. So that’s what we did. We hired contractors to completely gut what was there – cabinets, appliances, floor, everything – even tear down a wall to open up the kitchen/dining area and board up a window to make room for a double oven. Our son, Jason, designed what a new kitchen might look like, and we went for it.

So for the past four weeks progress has been steady and will wrap up in the next few days. It is so perfect and so beautiful that she had to call and she was crying with joy when I answered the phone.

That is a very good feeling. Linda is a loving, faithful, hard-working, giving person who spends most of her days serving others. It’s good to see something good come her way for once. I know she will put that kitchen to good use in continuing to serve and love others selflessly.

In a world where we too often see good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people, it is a welcome change to see a good thing happen to a good person.

Linda, I love you and I’m happy for you. I’m glad you have something close to the kitchen of your dreams and I look forward to having many guests here to share good times for many years to come.

Leap year lesson #74 is It’s nice when good things happen to good people.

  1. Tom White says:

    Jeff the kitchen looks great, looks like you hired the right people to make yours and Lindas dream kitchen come true. You are so very right when you talk about how hard working Linda is toward serving others, And something good came to you . You both deserve it. I am very proud to say I know the both of you. You are a good friend. God bless you both.

    • Margaret says:

      Jeff, the kitchen is beautiful. As long as we have known Linda she has always been such a giving person. She loves to cook and always makes her guest feel right at home. She deserves this kitchen. Remember our Sunday after church meals and other times we had together. Sometimes the Lord multiplied the food like He did with the fish and bread. As i have watched the progress on the kitchen, i have many memories of mine and Lindas times in the kitchen at Kennett. Hopefully one of these days we can get over that way. We would love to see the two of you. You can come to Missouri. Have a safe trip back home.

  2. Jeff Ross says:

    Thank you, Tom and Margaret for your kind words. Margaret, we’d sure love to have you and Bill make your way from Missouri over here sometime. I can guarantee lots of good food and conversation.

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